What I want for Christmas?

December 20, 2018

A few more days to go before Christmas~ It’s another year to celebrate the birthday of our Jesus Christ! I am very excited because there’s going to be a lot of food preparations for the family. Numerous gifts from Santa Claus (which is actually from the parents), also from the other loved ones and friends especially to the children in the family who are expecting the gifts are probably robots, dolls, any child toys-related. 

So, speaking of gifts, I made my own wishlist for Christmas this year! It’s not really bad to make your own wishlist because it may be easier for someone who would like to give you a present that is written on your list. This is going to be quite long because I also want to write the reasons why I chose this presents that I wanted to have for Christmas.

what is my wish list for this year for Christmas?

1. Cash – I don’t really expect anything like material gifts from anyone, but this is also important because who doesn’t want to have money as a present for Christmas? And I badly in need of cash.

2. Canon Mark G7x II  + Spare 2 Batteries – I’m interested into vlogging these days. Most of the vloggers use this camera because it’s a light-weighted gadget, also it can flip its screen as a self-camera mode and it focuses on the subject very quick!

3. Shiba Inu Stuff Toy *(either from Mumuso or Miniso)* – I’ve really wanted a dog breed “Shiba Inu” but there’s no luck here in my country because they only lived in a cold country, but I’ve been eyeing a stuff toy version of it which I found on a store which I mentioned.

4. DIY Ring light! (Cylinder Florescent Light + Desk Lamp) – For the longest time, I really want to buy these items for myself but back then, I had also some priorities to pay for school fees. I hope I can get this time.

5. BYS “Correct” Palette with 8 Shades – this palette is actually a concealer palette, I saw this wonderful palette at a Korean Beauty Show “Get It Beauty!” which the make-up artist used all the shades of the palette and all the scars, pimples, freckles, etc. were all covered! So I wanted to try this palette if it also works for me as well.

6. 365 2019 Planner Limited Edition from National Book Store – this item is rare, their planner’s design this year is very good to write the noteworthy plans which it can make you write the things you want to do for the day on next week, month and so-on.

7. External Hard Drive – my two current externals are soon going to get full because of too many of various Asian Dramas and Series, including Anime.

8. Anti-Theft Shoulder-Sling Bag – Not only popular to men’s fashion bag, but I also saw some women who also use this bag. I thought it was a boyish fashion but later I found out it was a good body accessory because although it’s a small bag, you can store the important things you want to have in your bag and go elsewhere plus you may feel secure and comfortable when using the bag because it cannot easily get by the snatchers.

9. Transparent Umbrella (not folding) – nothing special about this item. But I also want to see the raindrops from the rain.

10. Korean-Type Slippers – when I’m going out sometimes with my friends, I often see Koreans who are wearing this kind of slippers when they’re going to shop either at the department store or supermarket, even at a convenient store.

11. Basic Thai Language & Grammar Textbooks – For me, Thai is more difficult to learn than Korean, honestly. I want to learn the basic writing and grammar, and perhaps a Thai friend who can converse me and can translate it to me at the same time.

12. Wireless Bluetooth Microphone – I really loved singing ever since I’m a child. So I also want to have it this one this year!

What’s your wishlist for Christmas? Comment down below!

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