Life Lately

Life Lately : Chapter 003

March 27, 2017

I’ve been planning to have my own Summer Getaway this year. I’ve wasted my Summer experience last year. Recently, I’ve come up with a short plan this year.

1.) It’s time for me to hit the gym. My current weight is not normal anymore, here are the reasons: I eat 3-5 times a day which includes midnight snacks and non-stop sweets and cocaine; I can’t close some of my pants and shorts especially the zipper part. And I need to save my School Uniform. I only have one last school year and I’m not planning to get another set of uniform anymore. I know that food is life but health is more important and physical exercises too.

2.) To get my first and last summer class. I still have a few subjects left to catch up and cope with. Graduation is approaching very soon.

3.) Learn to stay active on my blog. I still have the habit of inconsistency like working on random drafts, reading good books. I’m learning to change it step by step.

4.) I’ve come up my plan to have a short visit to Iloilo for 2-3 days, only if my nonbiological parents will allow me to go there. But I do also have relatives there, so why not?

5.) I finally decided not to post my said virtual diary in this blog because I re-read it again and it’s quite long like one whole chapter of a book. I realized I was so dumb to post it here. It was actually embarrassing.

6.) Finish the various KDrama on my list that I’ve never watched it again. Lately, I’ve been downloading a bunch of whole Korean Drama series, but I’ve never got a chance to watch it because of school works.

What I’ve done lately:

1.) I attended KPOP Dream Festival at Bago City last March 18, 2017, hosted Skyway Production. I regretted that I didn’t bring my camera. I enjoyed and make some friends too. I’m gaining more Korean fan friends in every Kpop Events.

2.) Got my final exams done! But still going back for clearances needed and have an early evaluation so I could get my summer class.

3.) Excited to get my final cocktail dress on Tuesday for our Tribute event for our fourth-year schoolmates. Our theme is Masquerade.

I wish I could have a chance to travel this summer 🙂 How about you? What is your summer plans?

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    Richel V.
    March 28, 2017 at 5:01 am

    I have plans to go to Bohol for 3 days, other than that, nada. I’m also running out of vacation leaves so I have to make do with my weekends. I’m planning to take an online course to improve my skillset, but it’s kinda pricey. Not sure yet. Your plans seem pretty solid. I hope you can push through all of them!

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      Enya Louise
      March 29, 2017 at 3:11 pm

      Thank you, ate Richel!

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