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December 5, 2018

Hey guys! So I’m back again with my life lately. It’s almost Christmas, and I’m very excited about what presents should I’m going to have this time from my loved ones. Who says I wouldn’t be happy about it? Christmas is fast approaching and also to New Year’s Eve.

Anyway, Life lately has been all about…

1.) How I have glued myself to Lakorn (Thai Television Drama). They have a lot of good series which I can even recommend, and I always watch the series which has boys love stories in it. Thanks to my best friends who asked me to try to watch one episode of Sotus Series, and that time. By then, I was able to adapt the genre of the story and considered myself a fujoshi fan, and I’m proud of it!

2.) I’m handling some Facebook pages which I am really fond of! Plus it made me also updated about current life of my favorite Thai Artists ~ (If you know them, comment down below!)

3.) Re-organizing my wardrobe, I might be posting my pre-loved clothes next year! And, I’m probably going to sell some lakorn official merchandise here in my shop which I already did last time, I find it so convenient.

4.) Hanging out with best friends in the mall until the store almost closes, or elsewhere where we want to chill.

5.) Binge watching to Kryz Uy‘s Vlogs, Random clips of Running Man episodes on YouTube. When on my Facebook, I always watch random videos either cats or dogs. Just to kill some time.

6.) Frequently playing Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge. It’s an old game which my uncle played before I was young and I’m always beside him watching how to play the game. Now, I’m able to play it even if I’m not a pro it. I still get a help from my cousins who are good at games.

7.) Nothing’s really new in my life, the only one thing that changes my life is about my weight gain. My current body structure looks like a guinea pig. It’s really disgusting.

8.) Waiting for a package from Thailand which me and my friends to be delivered here around 3rd or 4th Week of December! We can’t wait to have it in flesh~

9.) Might be going to a Syrup Pop up Artfest in Art District after school meeting about graduation. Go for a blog?

10.) The remaining unsaid plans, but it’s gonna be happening. It’s quite a lot. Well, it always happens in December.


That’s it! I’m still fighting my procrastination about how to be inspired to write something in my blog. More updates, soon.

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