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August 31, 2018

Hello End of August! It’s really been a long since I haven’t posted anything here in my blog. My last post was like about four months. Back in this past months,  I was thinking of leaving the world of blogging because running out of ideas, making various creative contents for my every blog posts, and the loss of motivation. Now, I’m finally back at it again to the world of blogging. I might be going to do some list of contents which I would like to share here on my own blog site. I’m still doing some minor changes in these blogs from domain to content because I changed my domain name from numbers to letters. My old domain went to expire and I wasn’t able to renew to the given due date to me. So, I gave it up and started a new blog domain name. Rest in Peace, 950420.net

So where was I last four months ago?

1.) I am always in my home! Always doing the routine which most common lazy people do.

2.) Been struggling in school although I still have remaining 6 units left. Praying to be graduating this year!

3.) I went to the 1st JYP Fan Convention in Bacolod City by Skyway Production! The event was really hyped especially the Twice Fanboys who cheered the Fanchant so well and loud!

4.) Just always doing my usual thing. Eat. Sleep. Game. Repeat

What am I up to these days?

1.) I’m going to open my shop here on my blog. I’ll probably be going to sell mostly my preloved clothes in my closet because my wardrobe is almost full. And I also need cash for personal use and perhaps saving it and then going somewhere myself? Who knows?

2.) I am really into Lakorn(Thailand) Series/Movies! Especially, to Boys Love (BL) Genre or also commonly known as Yaoi~ *trolls* I’m starting to learn about Thai Culture, Traditions and also their native language as well! It’s more difficult than Korean, to be honest. I wish to come to that country very soon~

I’m really excited to be back to blogging again! I hope I can share something here which is also relevant to my audience as well. Until here~

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