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February 13, 2017

I’ve been hiatus for long days because I know the first three months of the year surely going to be busy and hectic due to our school activities and under course requirements we are having to go on lately.

What I’ve done last few days:

1. We had our five(5) day onboard training at 2GO Travel with Oceanlink Institute, Inc. I had a virtual text journal on it in my “notebook” app. I’ll post it very soon.

2. Had finished my Midterm Exams. It was easier than my prelim exams, though but still, prays for a good result.

3. My Vietnam and Cambodia tour is confirmed! Oh, I can’t wait to travel again outside our country again in the next few days :>

4. I had made a draft layout tarp design for our Comedy Show event but it got ruined because the process went to pixilated, so they re-designed it again and yeah, I was definitely frustrated.

What I’m having in current:

1. I still have a Take Home Exam and got it undone yet. I’m still fighting my laziness, and I’m already one day late to pass it.

2. I’m revamping my “about me” and the theme of this blog. I have already changed the header but school>blog probability.

3. I have to finish all my scheduled school projects to get done by this week.

4. Thinking how I could start watching Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, a Korean Drama which I downloaded it first then even until now, I still didn’t get a chance to watch. Not even episode one.

I think I shouldn’t be complaining these days, but somehow I’m kinda doing it a bit, not all the time. Until I blog again! Have a nice day.

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    Pearl Aton
    March 5, 2017 at 5:51 am

    Hi Enya! I’m excited for your Vietnam and Cambodia trip! Are you going to blog about it? I’m looking forward to your blog post 😀 Take care!

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      Enya Louise
      March 6, 2017 at 3:14 pm

      Hello Pearl! Sadly our int’l trip was postponed a day before of our trip because of the CHED Moratorium and also our school is also affected by the bus incident a few weeks ago, I’m truly sorry 🙁

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