Life Lately

Life Lately: Chapter 001

July 5, 2016

Lately, I was thinking about the happenings in my life throughout the summer. I tried to recall anything but it took me a lot of time to realize that I was doing unproductive pieces of stuff during the whole days last summer season. I was only watching Korean dramas and anime as a marathon. I did have made drafts for new blog posts but I think it’s very too late for publish it now.

But of course, I was very happy to have a bunch of time to spend with my family 24/7. Have a deep good rest and have most of the time playing online games. To sum it all up of what happened to me last summer, here it is:

1. I celebrated my birthday in two days. I did it with my closest friends and family.

2. I was promoted to be part of the Hallyu Wave Music Production as Official Staff Photographer appointed last 16 May 2016. Big thanks to the Event Manager, Ate Charmaine Ledesma for the kudos and the great opportunity!

3. Love Live School Idol Festival is now one of my favorite anime as of this year and I like what Honoka Kousaka’s personality has. We have a personality alike but I want her free-spirit attitude, a very jolly and a positive attitude, a person who does not give up to achieve her biggest dream which is to be a school idol. I want to be like her.

4. I’ve gained several friends lately on social media and looking forward to having more of them. But, I’d have few of them.

I titled it as “Into the New World” considering it as one of my favorite songs all the time. I have a lot of new experiences I’ve encountered during the whole summer. Summer made me realize memories is the most precious to say nothing of. I should be more productive during my whole summer break and get a hot sun-kissed under the heat of the sun.

Disclosure: This photo is owned by Will van Wingerden. Image text content is made by me.

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